• Logistics Centres

    Cost-efficient buildings
    – strong, flexible and

  • Logistics Centres

    Cost-efficient buildings
    – strong, flexible and

We understand

CSK has provided expertise, steel structures and installation for a wide range of warehouse and logistics buildings in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region. From simple standard solutions, to more complex projects that stand out in terms of design, choice of materials, functionality, surface treatment and architecture.

With an in-house planning department, state-of-the-art production facilities and our own highly specialised installation staff, you can get help, input and inspiration throughout the entire process, from sketching the first lines, to final installation on the construction site.

We also supply staircases, walkways, railing, smoker balconies and various special structures, such as in loading and unloading areas. We supply all kinds of secondary steel as well, including supports for other installations.

Reasons to choose CSK



Occupational health and safety have top priority at CSK. This is borne out in a number of exceptional safety initiatives, and a certification under OHSAS 18001:2007 / ISO 45001:2018.


Total process

CSK can handle the planning, design, production and installation.


Surface treatment

Using our own surface treatment plant, we can supply steel in any colour and surface quality.


Efficient installation

CSK has supplied and installed structures under even the most difficult conditions. On land and sea, and from the air.


Full flexibility

Flexibility is a constant parameter throughout the value chain at CSK – from the type of contract, to design, production, logistics, delivery time and installation.


Quality management

The quality management system at CSK’s factories in Denmark is based on ISO 9001. Our factory in Latvia is certified under ISO 9001:2015.


Sustainable construction

CSK is environmentally certified under ISO 14001. We can also work in line with various international standards, including LEED, BREEAM and DGNB.


Financial stability

When you choose CSK, you are choosing a steel supplier with the financial stability necessary to take your construction project safely to the end. As an added security for you, we have the highest Bisnode credit rating (AAA).


We Strongly
Believe In Safety™

Safety comes before everything else at CSK. Both in relation to the physical safety of our staff at our factories and construction sites, and the stability, durability, fire protection, etc. for the finished steel structures.

We are certified under the International OHS standard, DS/OHSAS 18001:2007 / ISO 45001:2018. We have also developed and implemented a number of special procedures and measures to minimise the number of accidents at work.

As another element of CSK’s uncompromising focus on safety and quality, our production control is certified under EN 1090-1 EXC 4. This means that we can CE mark steel structures in the highest consequence class (CC3) and the highest service category (SC2) in line with the European Construction Products Regulation.

Monumental strength,
full flexibility and
uncompromising safety

We help you to fully achieve your goals
  • Quotations with personal service

    Quotations with personal service

    All enquiries to CSK are dealt with in person by our professional sales department. To ensure a proper quotation, the materials and information received from the customer are carefully studied.

    Once a prospective customer has contacted the company and explained their requirements, we submit a non-binding quotation based on the specifications, the written material and the personal contact.

    The quotation will thus form the basis for future design and project clarification.

  • Specialist knowledge and collaboration

    Specialist knowledge and collaboration

    An important factor for any project – large or small – is that it must be the best solution for the customer while giving us the optimum opportunity to supply the best result. Therefore, it is to everyone’s benefit that we participate as early as possible in the projects, and contribute constructive options and solutions during the design process. Here we consider every conceivable and inconceivable challenge at every stage of the project. It is also here that the creative and innovative ideas are reviewed and assessed. We often use specialist consultants to solve special challenges. The design work takes place in close collaboration with the client, lead or main contractor as well as their consultants. Our design departments are staffed by experienced and creative engineers and developers who are always striving to find the optimum solution on behalf of our customers.

  • Highly qualified employees and advanced equipment

    Highly qualified employees and advanced equipment

    CSK is geared for the future in everything it does. Our drawing departments are manned by experienced and well-trained engineers and technical 3D drafters who master the latest 3D design tools. Consequently, we can quickly and efficiently produce drawings for any project. The main task of the drawing department is to transform the project presentation and design results into concrete working drawings which can be used to visualise the project. These drawings will also be used in production and later during installation.

    We use both Tekla and AutoCAD software. Our drawing tools also give the customer the opportunity to see the design in 3D. As a result, the customer is able to obtain a good impression of the finished steel solution at a very early stage. This in turn gives the customer the opportunity to correct and adjust any inexpediencies. Our skilled employees and 3D design tools ensure the highest degree of flexibility.

  • Stringent quality requirements and efficient logistics

    Stringent quality requirements and efficient logistics

    In production we operate with advanced CNC-controlled equipment, which is always being updated to the best and most efficient versions. Our rigorous quality assurance means that nothing is left to chance, and that we continuously run checks according to the highest standards. Our skilled and quality-conscious employees ensure that the quality of our steel structures is second to none.

    We also have a highly efficient logistics function which ensures that raw materials, quality requirements and efficient logistics ??? finished goods, construction site supplies etc. arrive at and leave the factory and construction sites in the most expedient way.
    Consequently, we can offer very precise planning, which ultimately leads to significant savings.
    The CSK factories in Thisted and Tukums have a wide range of modern and efficient machinery at their disposal, with everything from hand-held welding equipment and shot blasting and welding machines to CNC-controlled plasma cutters and CNC-controlled drilling/sawing machines.

    Final finish
    The last stage of the production process involves surface-treating the steel structures. This happens in our own paint shops according to customer specifications. Once the surface is dry, and the structure is ready for installation, it is loaded onto our trailers and driven to the construction site where our installation crew is ready.

  • We are experts – on land and sea and from the air

    We are experts – on land and sea and from the air

    Installation work requires considerable expertise, because often the crews are faced with tasks where no standard solutions exist. The actual installation work is the final stage of the process for any assignment undertaken by CSK. However, extensive planning and coordination work precedes the installation phase. This is because installing the individual elements requires that the right parts are on site at the right time – including cranes and trucks.

    The installation crew are experts who understand advanced welds and who are used to working in difficult conditions. Basically, installing steel structures requires well-trained and creative professionals. At CSK, safety is a key priority, and therefore all our installers complete a safety course. Our installers are equipped with everything they need to tackle the task in hand, and they are all very quality-conscious and capable of working independently. Finally, we do not leave the site before the task is finished – on time of course!

  • Overall evaluation and quality assurance

    Overall evaluation and quality assurance

    In addition to ongoing evaluation during the project phase, each project is concluded with an overall evaluation. Here, the project’s individual phases are reviewed from design to production and installation.

    Our evaluation of course also involves the customer’s experience and assessment. The evaluation is used to ensure that CSK meets both its customers’ and its own expectations at all times.

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