Continuous work and optimizing have resulted in hundreds of Wind Turbines ranging 500 kW to 3 MW established in the rocky terrain of several North European countries and in a range of turbine types. 

RockAdapter™ is now widely accepted in the industry, and DNV and others have approved the concept. 

Why RockAdapter™:

  • Better technical solutions
  • Economical optimizing
  • Reduced environmental impact


The future:
The new generation of Rockadapter™ is fully tested and installed on more than 10 sites with more than 400 MW. We are the solid future.



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Did we mention the huge time and cost reduction proven on numerous sites? 

Benefits from using RockAdapter™ 

  • An overall prestressed solution with 100% anchor and bolt test
  • Less than 5% concrete and reinforcement compared to the traditional foundation
  • No need for grouting subsequently. The foundation is ready for a direct bolt connection
  • Drilling for anchors requires only simple and generally available equipment.
  • Material stock is an option for larger projects
  • Very low impact on the environment and easy removal